A Journey from Fat to Fit

By Nutritionist Neha | July 19, 2017
A Journey from Fat to Fit

I remember those days when I longingly stared at the pretty clothes hanging in front of me and returned empty handed because they weren’t available in XL size, and even if they were, my reflection in the mirror looked distasteful in them. I used to secretly envy those girls who twirled about in those same pretty dresses, looking like mannequins. Well, this isn’t a story of fat-shaming or anything, but simply the painstaking experiences I had to gather as a fat girl, and my honest portrayal of it.

A few years ago, when I passed my board exams and got into college, I used to be a very plump girl. It was simply a result of my low metabolism rate and a deficit of essential vitamins and minerals, as I didn’t pay proper attention to my diet, which wasn’t particularly healthy at all, back then.

We all know, how difficult it is to fit into a completely new environment. And those who have been in a place like mine, can relate to how a lack of self-confidence takes a toll on personality development, which is so necessary to match up to the societal standards. It is especially difficult when you yourself aren’t quite satisfied with your physical appearance. I used to be the cute chubby girl whose cheeks are meant to be pulled by all, and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable to me.

Thankfully, my problem was one that has many solutions. I had always known there are many ways to lose fat and be healthy— perhaps, I just took time to get over my procrastination and gather determination. And it was sometime around in my first year of college, when I became much conscious of my physical image.

I finally took up the challenge to shed my extra kilos and get back in shape, and set an example in front of the world. A hoard of research and consultation later, I chalked up the perfectly calculated diet and workout plan and started following it with a faithful diligence. And, I never lost hope despite knowing that it is a time and energy consuming process.

Results started showing up soon and it motivated me even more. A Proper healthy diet did wonders to me as in a matter of months, I visibly lost all that extra weight, and got back in shape not just by losing kilos and slimming by inches; but I started increasing my stamina and developing a healthy body too. I could see significant improvements in the vitamin and mineral contents of my body.

It wasn’t long before I achieved my goal – I got back into perfect shape, and my nutrient levels were also optimal. The vigorousness of my hard work and fulfilment of my challenge empowered me to take this up as a career and help more people who have similar problems. I pursued a degree on the same and completed my DNHE in 2013. Re-invigorated with a stronger knowledge on the same subject, I started practising as a freelancer in 2014. I started curating healthy-diet charts for my clients with a proper knowledge in scientific clarification of the subject.

Since it is always good to work harmonically as a family, in the year 2016, I was joined by Rahul to establish the Fit Foodies Mantra family. He is my true inspiration, who boosted my morale throughout my journey. Presently working as the Fit Foodies Mantra team, we consider several health parameters while chalking up the clients’ diet chart, for example-

  • Height
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Medical history
  • Blood group
  • Over-all lifestyle
  • Eating habits, etc.

I am glad to share you you all that my hard work actually paid me off with a success rate of 98%. Working for the welfare of health of those who need our help, we don’t indulge in lofty and vain promotion. A major source of our clients is by reference and by word of mouth from those who have achieved their goal with our aide. So far we have supported 500+ clients and I hope to serve more happy clients in the future!

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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