Green coffee – is good or bad?

By Nutritionist Neha | July 19, 2017
Green coffee - is good or bad?

Just when all the hype about green tea was nearly subsiding, there rose another news sensation in the world of health and fitness – Green Coffee. The term must have perplexed you, but it’s just silly. You must have also heard that these are the new miracles for weight loss and such and our Dietician, Delhi is sure that a lot of you think that way too! Now, let us simplify it for you.

  • The brown coloured coffee that we generally consume is composed of roasted coffee beans, whereas in case of green coffee, the beans are not roasted.
  • Coffee beans contain a chemical compound called chlorogenic acids, which have anti-oxidant value (Thus, lowers blood pressure, initiates weight loss, etc)
  • Roasting the coffee beans reduces its chlorogenic acid content, thus reducing the useful effects otherwise present in the green coffee beans
  • Both normal coffee and green coffee contains caffeine.
  • Federal Trade Commission or FTC has sued companies for pronouncing green coffee as a “miracle” for weight loss, because more research needs to be performed on that.
  • Since green coffee beans have anti-oxidant compounds, it is likely to higher the metabolism, thus promote the process of weight loss.
  • Green coffee is also particularly useful for diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and bacterial infections.
  • Green coffee are thus simple coffee beans that aren’t roasted, thus helping it restore much nutritional and medicinal properties.
  • Green coffee is also easy to make- just brew them in hot water and filter through a sieve, ad you’re good to go. However, since green coffee is not roasted, it has grassy, woody and acidic undertones to its taste, unlike normal coffee.

However, nothing is comprised of good parts and only good parts, so plausibly, green coffee also has its fair share of disadvantages (or, side effects, if you may), as our Dietician, Delhi reminded us! They can be listed as follows:

  • There’s no compulsion to switch over completely to green coffee, it is not much foolproof yet, scientifically, as of now. If it is taken once in a while, alternating with normal coffee, it should work the same way.
  • We all know about caffeine addiction- it can happen from normal coffee as well as from products containing the same. Green coffee is coffee and thus it also has the same quantity of caffeine and continuous consumption of it can run the risk of severe addiction, the side effects of which, aren’t much pretty.
  • If there is an overdose of caffeine as a result of unbalanced consumption of coffee (green, or brown), insomnia may be induced, which is extremely harmful for the wellbeing of the body (and mind).

Since all the effects and side effects of green coffee are not yet successfully scientifically proven and research is still on, for it, therefore, proper nutritional guidance from a trained and practicing nutritionist is mandatorily advisable to monitor the consumption of green coffee.

Written by – Chandrima Mukhopadhyay

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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