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Transformation Journey: Nikhil Dhawan!

By Nutritionist Neha | June 29, 2018

When one talks about losing weight, others assume that he/she is basically talking about merely controlling their diet and indulging in more workout sessions. But the whole process of losing weight consists of so much more than that! Willpower is what is needed when it comes to making a drastic transformation for your …

Yoga Tricks: Foods that help increase flexibility

By Nutritionist Neha | June 22, 2018

Yoga has been known to improve your body’s flexibility but sometimes it happens that no matter how many times you try to practise a certain asana, you are somehow never able to achieve that perfect posture because you are somehow not able to flex as much as you would have liked to! So, keeping that in mind, today …

top 3 ways to get those 6 packs faster

Top 3 ways to get those 6 packs faster

By Mr. Fit Food (Rahul) | June 19, 2018

We can truly attest to one universal fact; for a LOT of us, developing six-pack abs is a fitness goal we have always dreamt of! Be it for merely looking good in a swimsuit or for your ultimate goal, achieving those 6-packs are truly something we like working hard towards! With all those rigorous workouts and strict …

Top 3 Soluble Fiber rich foods on the planet!

By Nutritionist Neha | June 16, 2018

Dietery fiber is an essential part of anyone’s balanced diet and is definitely something that should be added to your daily intake in some way or the other. Dietary fiber is basically the carbs that are present in plants which cannot be digested by your body. Any type of dietary fiber, be it soluble or insoluble are …

blood donation

Benefits of Donating Blood!

By Nutritionist Neha | June 13, 2018

Blood donation always has benefits for each and every person that receives the various components of blood! Did you know that you can actually save close to 2 lives by merely donating blood once? Goes to show what you can do and how helpful you can prove to be if you truly want to make a difference! The benefits of…


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