Yoga Tricks: Foods that help increase flexibility

By Nutritionist Neha | June 22, 2018

Yoga has been known to improve your body’s flexibility but sometimes it happens that no matter how many times you try to practise a certain asana, you are somehow never able to achieve that perfect posture because you are somehow not able to flex as much as you would have liked to!

So, keeping that in mind, today on International Yoga Day, we have decided to lend you a helping hand! Did you know that there are a few foods in particular that can actually help increase flexibility? Amazing isn’t it? Turns out there really is nothing that the right kind of foods can’t do! So check out our list of foods that help increase flexibility, and try including them in your diet to add a boost to your daily yoga routine!

1. Turmeric

Turmeric, since time immemorial, has been known to act as a brilliant anti-inflammatory food and is exceptionally helpful when it comes to helping with improving circulation in the body. So adding turmeric to your food could literally have a lot of benefits for your body!.

Apart from this, turmeric has also proven to be great when it comes to helping with the muscle repair process of the body, thus helping the body become more flexible in an all-round manner!

2. Water:

Water is the solution for EVERYTHING! We’re just joking, but sometimes it really does feel that way, doesn’t it? Well, in this situation as well, water is a saviour! Did you know that the muscles of our body are mostly composed of water, and that is exactly what helps the muscles maintain their elasticity!

Don’t’ wait to get thirsty before you make a grab for that water bottle of yours! Keep yourself hydrated all through the day so that your joints stay lubricated and even your muscles’ elasticity is maintained, thus making sure that you stay flexible!

3. Ginger:

This wonderful spice is something that everyone should have in their pantries all the time since it can prove to be really helpful in many cases. Did you know that ginger actually has an extremely stimulating effect on our circulatory system? Wonderful isn’t it? And due to this very fact, ginger has proven itself to be quite beneficial when it comes to helping our body become more flexible.

Other than that, ginger also helps in bringing down inflammation, which also contributes to helping the body becomes more flexible! Try infusing your herbal teas with ginger, or simply add the root to your food whilst cooking and you have a winner on your hands!

Just remember guys, Yoga is a lifestyle in itself, and by including these foods in your daily diet, your Yoga game would reach a new high in no time! Happy Internal Yoga Day y’all, stay healthy and stay flexible! And in case you are looking to reach out to us, don’t even think twice about it, go ahead and do it!

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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