Monthly Archives: July 2018

World Hepatitis Day

A to E of Hepatitis

By Nutritionist Neha | July 28, 2018

The need to spread awareness about Hepatitis in this day and age has become one of necessity for sure. So, this year, on World Hepatitis Day, let us have a look at the various aspects of this, from how it can be prevented to how it can be treated, everything you want to know about this disease is right here! Have a…

peanut butter day

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

By Nutritionist Neha | July 23, 2018

“Man cannot live by bread alone….he must have peanut butter” – Bill Cosby! And Cosby could not have been more on point! Peanut butter has time and again proven to be a lifesaver for every one of us who loves to indulge their appetite in something rich and healthy at the same time! The way it is able to…

Health Benefits of Caviar

Health Benefits of Caviar!

By Nutritionist Neha | July 18, 2018

Known to be a delicacy among the more wealthy folks, caviar has been around for centuries now! Basically salt-cured fish eggs, it is something that takes a lot of people a couple of tries to get used to thanks to its salty and fishy flavour. Caviar is usually served in small portions since it has an extremely…


The Effects of Low Blood Sugar on your Body!

By Nutritionist Neha | July 12, 2018

You may as well know that every cell in your body needs energy in order for it to work properly and the main source of energy comes from the sugars (also called glucose) present in our blood. Did you know that blood sugar is actually really important in order to promote the proper functioning of the heart, brain and…

chronic headache treatment

Best Kind of Teas to help ease headaches!

By Nutritionist Neha | July 9, 2018

Headaches nowadays have been much too common and have literally become a part of most of our daily lives. There are various kinds of headaches that one can suffer from. From tension headaches to migraines to name a few, headaches have manifested into something that can be extremely irritating for anyone who suffers…


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