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Happy Bride

Want to know how to lose weight for marriage? Read on!

By Nutritionist Neha | February 26, 2018

Resorting to extreme measures when wanting to lose weight is never, ever beneficial, at all. All those pre-wedding crash diets that you may have heard about might help you lose weight in time for your big day, but once you go off them, then the weight will come back, with a vengeance!  You don't want that now, do…

Delicious Foods that make for the best Low Cholesterol Snacks!

By Nutritionist Neha | February 21, 2018

Having high-cholesterol can be quite a tricky thing to deal with since it is something that can easily get aggravated by the slightest change in diet or activity! In such a case, even the smaller bites you take throughout your day will be under scrutiny to ensure that it does not make the situation worse. Snacking, …

Top High-Fiber Alternatives to Brown Rice

By Nutritionist Neha | February 19, 2018

Did you know that you could only be getting half of the daily recommended value of dietary fiber from the things you eat everyday? This estimated daily requirement is there for a reason! If you are losing out on your daily dose of fiber, then you definitely are missing out on quite a few health benefits. Dietary…

Hacks to Help you Wake up in time for that morning workout!

By Mr. Fit Food (Rahul) | February 17, 2018

We have all been in that situation where we have struggled and then given up on the idea of stepping out of our beds early in the morning to go for a workout, have we not? Tried many times to motivate yourself but failed quite badly too, haven’t you? Well, it does come with the territory. However, what we would…


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