Post-Workout Recovery Guide!

By Mr. Fit Food (Rahul) | August 8, 2018
Post-Workout Recovery Guide

We know that working out can feel like a stress buster and ofcourse it is great for your health, but we also know that post any kind of workout routine, your entire body is always sore to the core. So now get ready to take off those hand-wraps and those sneakers, because it is post-workout recovery time for you!

Post-workout recovery is of essential importance, seeing that when you workout, you end up physically breaking down your body. From your connective tissues to your muscle fibers, all of them are affected. So recovery becomes important, otherwise, it will only end up leading to a lot of health issues like high blood pressure, a compromised immune system, poor sleep etc. Even simple things like sleeping the right amount and keeping yourself hydrated go a long way when it comes to recovering from a strenuous workout.

But here, we have tried to divide certain recovery methods according to your workout regime! Have a look at them!

  • Weightlifting:

Indulging in the right kind of recovery post a brilliant workout session will ensure that you are at your best during your next weightlifting session as well! The recovery that you decide to undertake post a good weightlifting session will ensure that you are able to relieve the tension in your muscles.

Massages will help you brilliantly to recover and reduce the pain that is associated with exercise and if done regularly, and can easily also delay muscle soreness considerably. But if you think that massages are something that is out of your budget, then foam rolling will also help tremendously. Like massages, foam rolling too can delay the onset of muscle soreness effectively.

  • Marathon Training:

So you have decided to take part in a marathon eh? Well, kudos to you! But since marathon training involves a lot of endurance training, it is exceptionally important for you to make sure that you follow the right recovery routine too. As marathon training involves many months of commitment to rigorous training, you need to relax body and particularly, your feet!

Epsom salt baths are the best when it comes to recovering from rigorous training, as they help destroy that soreness that your muscles are having post each of your sessions! Apart from this, including cherries that are tart to taste, in your post-workout meal can help reduce muscle soreness considerably.

  • HIT (High-Intensity Training):

High-intensity training includes many workout routines that can affect your nervous system and your body as a whole. So keeping that in mind, it is always suggested that atleast a 15 minute cooling down routine is followed post any kind of high-intensity training.

This will allow your heart rate to return to normal and helps your central nervous system de-regulate, thus speeding up the recovery process brilliantly. And if you are someone who likes their daily cuppa, then we have some good news for you. Studies have shown that coffee can, like other recovery methods, helps delay muscle soreness too!

We genuinely hope that these methods will help you recover post your amazing workout sessions! If you have any other queries, then feel free to contact us any time! Hoping to hear from you soon!

Author: Mr. Fit Food (Rahul)

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