Confused why your diet plan is not working?

By Nutritionist Neha | June 20, 2017

Dieting is an important part of a weight loss program, no doubt! But, this is not going to do any good unless your diet is proper and you eat on correct time, in correct proportions. When that dial of the weighing machine refuses to show any depreciation in the figures, you feel as if you have failed in an exam. So, when you are exposed to this cruelty of the weighing machine, it is time to sit back and ponder over what is going wrong. Is it the food choice or calorie count? Well, apart from wrong foods, there are a number of culprits that are equally responsible for your dismay as erroneous dieting style.

  • Poor assessment of body needs: If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and still have lots of carbohydrates in the diet plan, it surely is going to get accumulated in the form of fats in the body, sabotaging your weight loss plan completely. Similarly, each body has different requirements for protein content in the diet; too much of protein also causes heaviness in the body.
  • Snacking: It would be better to make it synonymous to overeating if we want to understand its deteriorating effect on the weight loss regime. The dieticians suggest eating in small intervals. But, what is actually done by the person trying a diet plan is – eating uncontrollably on small intervals. No matter how nutritious the food is claimed to be, if the portion is not controlled, it is surely going to defeat the purpose of following a diet plan.
  • Lack of calorie intake: Starving is not the correct form of dieting. An average adult female requires about 1200 calories in a day while the male of same age needs 1800 calories for maintaining good health. When you are on a spree to lose weight, only diet control is not sufficient; you require working out too. If you do not eat properly, you will not be able to stick to the workout schedule and the results promised by the diet plan will not be as promised. Thus, pay attention to calorimeter and schedule diet so that you do not miss on the mandatory nutritional requirement of your body.
  • Skipping meals: If you are interested in losing weight, do not think of skipping meals ever. This habit may show some loss in weight initially, but gradually it disrupts the insulin balance and liver function in the body giving way to diseases like diabetes and heart. Skipping meals disrupts the process of the liver leads to mismanagement eating patterns, which in turn, are responsible for accumulation of fat in the belly area.
  • Vitamin D deficiency: Though there may be some indications of the spot reduction, but the substantial loss in weight is not achieved when your Vitamin D intake is poor. Vitamin D is responsible for the shrinkage or expansion of fat cells as the case may be. And so, if the vitamin D levels are poor in the body, fat cells might grow in size causing gain in weight, defeating the purpose of diet plan miserably.
  • Avoiding dinners: If you skip dinners, you are likely to stay hungry for more than eight hours in a row. This practice may compel you to eat more than what is required, during the breakfast, causing unexpected weight gain in return. So, if you want your diet plan to work, eat but wisely the last meal of the day. Eating too much and also lots of carbohydrates during dinner may also cause weight gain.
  • Eating very late in the night: Not only what you eat but also when you eat is important factor that affects the body weight. If you eat very late in the night, you have no time for physical activity, which is essential for proper digestion. Undigested food raises the toxin levels and fat levels in the body, and eventually, fails the diet plan.

Apart from this, whenever you eat, it is important to control portions. You must eat in small vessels and less frequently to avoid over-eating. Portion control also ensures that your platter is nutrition-rich and balanced in all aspects. Thus, when the diet plan is not working and you want to know why, just find out if any of the factors mentioned above are doing the mischief silently.


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Author: Nutritionist Neha

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