Are you getting depressed because of fitness tracker? Find it out here…

By Nutritionist Neha | June 22, 2017

Confined to the age of technology, boxed up in air-conditioned cubicles, we all are running short of time and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, living on an endless supply of carbs and caffeine. This hasty life must have put most of us on the knife-edge, where we just had to consider getting back in shape and keeping fit. Countless TVCs, blogs and articles have continually bombarded us with ways to keep a personal health-check, amidst this demanding life.

At this rate, it’s highly likely for you to have been suggested using fitness tracking apps and fitness gears, thus modernising to keep up with the advancement in technology. Determined to be healthy, you must have, at some point, ditched the old school ways of contacting a nutritionist or keeping a personal trainer; thus, resorting solely on the smartphone apps and smartwatches to smarten your habits. Initially the vanity might have impressed upon you, keeping up with its promises of –

  • Reminding you to drink water at proper intervals
  • Tracking your daily steps
  • Tracking your workouts while hitting the gym
  • Tracking your calories burnt after jogging, or calorie-intake after meals, and so on.

But are you getting depressed because your fitness tracker isn’t fetching you positive results? You keep diligently following whatever information and orders these mere apps are providing you with, perhaps even randomly omitting certain elements from your diet. This outright deprives your body of the necessary nutrients and therefore, you are either still gaining fat or suffering from offbeat inanition, or, exhaustion. Naturally the mirror or the weighing scale fails to show any desirable changes, putting you into a sense of rejection.

Well then, it’s high time for you to escape the trap of these software-driven inaccuracies. Remember, everything has both positive and negative sides, and you may have simply surrendered to this dangerous deception. Time for a reality check— Can a mere app on a smart-device ever provide you with the authentic results that a clinically accepted protocol can? Especially when it concerns your very biological self?

Let’s face the truth. Most of the time, these apps are blatant hoax, and provides you with arbitrary mathematical values- which is not at all correct. Do not place you blind faith into them because, if you have not faced your desired results, then this is what must have happened to you. So, a simple suggestion- avoid being a technology-slave and take up matter in your own hands.

Take out some time from your schedule. You know, they say, you’re never busy— it’s all about priorities. So, for the sake of your body’s well being, stop feeling depressed and go pay a visit to a certified nutritionist or a gym trainer. Pros always impart the most trustworthy stratagem which an app never can— experience counts, you see! Most importantly, you have to keep in mind that physical exertion alone wouldn’t help, as, A LOT depends on the diet.

Embracing the most authentic technique, will give you an odd sense of satisfaction when you will get the sweetest fruit. When you get the proper diet regime that conforms with your body’s requirements, in certain cases, you won’t even have to work out! Adequate quantities of water and a proper diet is actually what you need to be in shape, actually (though, working-out never harms!). Add to that adequate amount of sleep, and you’re good to go. Needless to say that a healthy body paves way for a healthy mind. But most importantly, all you would need is proper professional guidance and not rely on a dubious app.

So stop drowning in depression just because your app is faulty and go seek some professional dietary guidance. You’ll positively see wonders happening to your body and soul!

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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