Coffee Can Help To Boost Metabolism

By Nutritionist Neha | May 30, 2017
Coffee Can Help To Boost Metabolism

The Fit Foodies Mantra believe that, everyone is looking for ways to boost metabolism as easy as possible and in a natural way.  Your trainer must have advised you to take black coffee besides water.

You may wondering if this natural substance can really work as metabolism booster.

Coffee contains various biologically active substances such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline and chlorogenic acid, apart from these coffee also contains polyphenols and antioxidants which can affect metabolism:

The results of various studies have shown that the effect of polyphenols and antioxidants present in coffee can indeed boost your metabolism significantly.

We at Fit Foodies Mantra would like to advice you:

  •  Forget about juices, they will bring extra pack of sugar and no benefits.
  • You should preferably drink coffee right before the workout.  Be sure do not take more than two cups of coffee per day.
  • Drink about 4-5 glasses of plain water every day as avoid dehydration
  • Black Coffee is a low calorie drink and it has only 2 calories per cup.
  • Drinking black coffee gives a feeling of fullness.  As the caffeine in the black coffee can suppress hunger and helps you eat less.
  • Black coffee is a perfect energy booster that keeps you alert and increases your energy flow.
  • Black coffee, being high in antioxidants, can aid weight loss.  Along with Black coffee we need to follow a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight.

We at Fit Foodies Mantra are sure that the coffee will make an effective change in your lifestyle. It can definitely boost your metabolism and the efficiency of your efforts. It has been proved that athletes who took in caffeine pre-exercise burned about 15% more calories.

So go for it.

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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