Ways to relieve sinus pressure at home

By Nutritionist Neha | November 30, 2018

Sinus is a common problem that might arise during the winters quite frequently for many people. Thanks to the chill in the weather and the allergies that accompany it, catching a cold or sneezing your guts out might just be inevitable.

The pressure you feel during your sinus is essentially the result of a blocked nasal passage. Due to this very reason, sinuses can easily result in headaches and inflammation as well, apart from the pain in your nose and face as well.

However, a few home remedies might just be able to cure you quite effectively. Have a look:

  1. Rest:

Sometimes the simplest cure to some of the most irritating ailments can merely be one simple thing; rest! There is a reason why doctors tell us that we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. During the time you are sleeping, your body tends to heal beautifully!

Basically, this is due to the fact that during the time you are sleeping your brain becomes capable of releasing hormones that encourage tissue growth very effectively. But apart from this, during your sleep time, your body also happens to produce more WBCs which are brilliantly effective in fighting off infections from the body. When you have had your fair share of 6-8 hours of sleep, you will wake up feeling much better and thoroughly refreshed.


  1. Steam:
source: india.com

The art of steaming during the cold weather has been quite prevalent even among our ancestors since time immemorial! No, we are not talking about sauna, though that might help considerably too. Did you know that dry air and as a result of it, dry sinus can increase the problems that come with sinus quite considerably.

The moisture from the steam helps tremendously by moistening your sinus cavity and reducing the irritation, that occurs with it. As a result of this very moisture, your mucus also thins out enabling you to breathe better and have more relief.


  1. Hydrate:
source: foodrevolution.org

Like dry air resulting in the irritation of your dry sinus, dehydration or the lack of proper hydration in the body can also result in causing even more irritation to your sinus issue. The intake of adequate amount of liquids throughout the day can help to a large extent by reducing the blockages in your sinuses.

However, we also understand that constantly sipping water can get downright boring and mundane if anything else. So keeping that in mind, you can also indulge in some other goodies like broths, teas or even fruits and veggies that contain a lot of water.

 Other Remedies/Tips

  • While sleeping, keep in mind to keep your head elevated, as when you sleep lying flat on your back, the chances of mucus building up in your nasal cavity are more. This might just lead you to have difficulty while sleeping.
  • Exercising is another good option to help you temporarily get rid of the discomfort that is caused by sinus as exercising helps increase blood circulation effectively. It has proven that the right kind of physical activity during an illness like sinus might just help heal you faster.

I hope that these tips and tricks help you cure or at the very least control the many irritations that are caused by sinus! Time to enjoy this amazing weather, don’t you think?



Author: Nutritionist Neha

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