Get Flawless Skin In Monsoons With These Foods

By Nutritionist Neha | July 29, 2017
Get Flawless Skin In Monsoons With These Foods

The otherwise appealing incessant monsoon rains with the mesmerizing smell of wet soil, brings in with it an invisible army of germs that cause outburst both inside and outside the body. Different kinds of skin problems during monsoon must be oh-so-familiar to you, right? But did you know that a major reason for it is the diet you take? Surprised? Well, our working nutritionist in Delhi, Uttam Nagar wasn’t!

Find out how:

  • Monsoon is the time when the variety of germs (disease causing bacteria and viruses) love to thrive around, mostly in leafy vegetables.
  • Sometimes proper washing cannot even rid the vegetables of these germs residing in them, owing to their characteristic bodily features.
  • Once you consume these “healthy” veggies, the germs enter the body, and finding an optimal warm environment, it starts spreading inside the body, causing a medley of problems.
  • The problems these germs trigger inside the body range from mild to severe digestion problems, which ultimately find its outburst on the skin.
  • Monsoon’s hoard of infectious microbes also provides favorable grounds for fungi, which cause several types of skin infections.

Here’s what you should do to maintain a healthy skin and body during monsoon and our nutritionist in Delhi, Uttam Nagar concurs:-

  • Try to maintain a healthy diet and workout regime.
  • Leafy vegetables need not be avoided, but should be properly cooked in order to eliminate any chances of germs lingering around.
  • Avoid salads of raw items in monsoon.
  • Proper quantity of water consumption (3 to 4 liters a day) eliminates most problems, keeps the body hydrated and strengthens the metabolism rate.
  • Have seasonal fruits like plums, java plums (jamuns), cherries, peach, pomegranate, papaya, bananas, etc.
  • Have a good warm cup of green tea every morning, with a dash of natural honey if you want it sweet. The high amounts of anti-oxidants in green tea boost the metabolism.
  • Have a balanced amount of lentils.
  • Limit dairy products, for digestion is not easy during the humid monsoon period and has a not-so-good effect on the skin either.
  • Avoid street food like panipuri, chaat, jalebis, and almost anything of that sort.
  • Avoid seafood during this period, as the stagnated water can lead to many infections upon consumption of the mollusks and fishes.

Following a healthy diet plan with necessary precautions will result in you having a flawless skin even in the humid monsoon period. Eat healthy, stay beautiful!

Written by – Chandrima Mukhopadhyay

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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