Diet Tips to get you in shape for the New Year

By Nutritionist Neha | December 17, 2018

So the new year is just around the corner and like every other year, ofcourse we want to look and feel our best on this beautiful celebration of a new beginning. But how do we go about it, that is the biggest question!

Well, lucky for you, we do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that might help you achieve your healthiest version during the new year.

  • Workout:

This might sound a little too obvious, but workouts might just be your best buddy right now. We understand that winters are essentially a lazy time for most people, but even if you are feeling particularly lazy, try to atleast squeeze in a 20-30 min workout routine.

You need not even go out to workout because there are so many of them that you can do from the comfort of your home itself.

  • Fitness Trackers:

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Fitness trackers too might help you tremendously in achieving that healthy body that you have always craved for. Even the simplest of tasks like talking on the phone can be made healthier when you decide to take a stroll when doing it.

Such small things will let you achieve your daily goal of completing 10,000 steps in a day.

  • Protein:

Another best friend you need to say yes to become healthier is proteins. The fact is that proteins leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied post heir consumption when compared to many other nutrients.

As a result of this, you will not end up over-indulging in your meals. Even if you are deciding to indulge in a snack, make sure that the snacks also contain protein in them.

  • Hydrate:

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Keeping yourself hydrated is of the utmost importance. There is a reason why dieticians tell you to have atleast 2 liters of water everyday. You see, dehydration might just be your own worst enemy when you trying to lose weight and become healthier.

Dehydration ends up triggering a false in your body and makes you think that you might be hungry, when in truth, you are simply thirsty. Drink water and keep yourself hydrated to avoid any hunger pangs.

  • Carbs are not the enemy:

You might have come across many articles and news pieces that state that going carb free is always the best option if you are trying to lose weight. However, this is not entirely true! The problem is that most of us do not know when to pull the reins on your carb consumption, and as a result, end up over indulging.

Carbs are truly not the enemy, but we need to make sure that we know the right amount that needs to be consumed and when it needs to be consumed. Timing and quantity are everything in this aspect.

  • No meal skipping:

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You might be of the opinion that skipping meals might just make you look slimmer and help you lose weight quicker. But the thing that we often overlook is that when you skip a meal, you end up overindulging in the next meal you decide to have.

So essentially, there is no point of the skipped meal. Not only this, but skipping a meal also slowed down your metabolism considerably, thus leading to a lower fat burning capacity of the body.

I hope that you find a place and time to incorporate these tips and tricks in your New Year healthy body planner this time around, and are able to make out a significant difference when you enter the next year on a healthier and happier note!


Author: Nutritionist Neha

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