Foods to Fight the Smog Situation

By Nutritionist Neha | November 9, 2017


The pollution in Delhi has reached an all time high, especially during this month itself! We mean it has barely been 10 days and we are already choking. For all of us it has now become some sort of norm to wake up in a smog enveloped environment and trying to decipher things that are going on outside our windows. A nutritionist in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar has become quite sick due to this very situation!

The situation has become so bad that the Delhi Government has even decided to shut down schools so that the kids do not have to endure the harsh environmental conditions. But is the condition really that bad? Let us just give you a few numbers and then you can judge for yourself whether the situation is actually as bad as it is being portrayed.

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The PM (particulate matter) level that is considered normal is 25; Delhi however has gone above and beyond this call! We are at around 700 PM. Now can you see the seriousness of the situation?  Well, we can’t really do anything about the air quality, but we can atleast protect ourselves to an extent from its harmful effects.

So for precisely that reason, we have here a list of foods that will help protect you from the negative effects of the smog that is now surrounding us.

  1. Our Top Favorites:
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Broccoli – This wonderful veggie helps cleanse your body off polluting substances.

Tomatoes – Including fresh tomatoes in your diets will help protect you against respiratory illnesses as tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene.

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Olive Oil – Olive oil has a special type of Vitamin E, called alpha-tocopherol that in turn helps improve lung function. The fatty acids in olive oil also help reduce inflammation. It also protects against harmful vascular effects of exposure to air pollution particles.

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Green Tea – This miracle drink with its antioxidants also gets rid of the toxins from your body.

  1. Citrus Foods: Any food that contains Vit C, like Amla or Lemon will help a great deal when it comes to fighting off a bought of flu that might befall you in this awful weather. The nutritionist in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, has definitely had a lot of improvement healthwise thanks to quite many citrus foods!

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  2. Vegetables: Green veggies such as Coriander, Parsley, Spinach and Drumsticks will help you to a great extent to stay healthy in such a situation.
  3. Oils: Any oil that is rich in Vitamin E will also help you deal with this god forsaken pollution and also help you absorb the nutrient better into your body.
  4. Nuts: Nuts such as Almonds also prevent your body from getting adversely affected by the pollution around you.

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  5. Herbs: We have experienced how tasty herbs such as Oregano, Basil, clove, Ginger make our food, but apart from being an excellent carrier of flavours, these herbs are equally helpful when it comes to protecting your body from harmful affects of the environment.

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  6. Fish: Another example of a tasty yet extremely nutrient rich food that is great for maintaining your health. We are sure that all you fish lovers out there would be thrilled to hear this news.

So we really hope that by including these foods in your diet, you would feel better and your body would be able to combat the harmful affects of this smog that has surrounded us! Do not just follow us, but do trust us when we tell you that our friend, the nutritionist in Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, too has given all these foods a try and has had a lot of improvement!

Author: Nutritionist Neha

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