Breathing Exercises you can do indoors to purify your lungs post Diwali

By Nutritionist Neha | November 8, 2018

We all love the festival of lights for sure, without a doubt, but what irks us more than anything is the fact that people mistake the festival of lights to be the festival of crackers. As a result of this, by the time Diwali has bid us adieu, so has, to an extent our health! Noticing a thick cloud of smog on the…

Importance of nutrition for healthy muscles

Importance of nutrition for healthy muscles

By Nutritionist Neha | August 16, 2018

Healthy muscles contribute a great deal in maintaining a healthy body, but healthy muscles are not something that comes naturally since there is a lot that goes into maintaining the health of your muscles flawlessly.Various types of foods contribute differently towards muscle health!  Protein, however, is one…

Post-Workout Recovery Guide

Post-Workout Recovery Guide!

By Mr. Fit Food (Rahul) | August 8, 2018

We know that working out can feel like a stress buster and ofcourse it is great for your health, but we also know that post any kind of workout routine, your entire body is always sore to the core. So now get ready to take off those hand-wraps and those sneakers, because it is post-workout recovery time for…

World Lung Cancer Day

Recipes to help detoxify your lungs!

By Nutritionist Neha | August 1, 2018

Did you know that lung cancer happens to be the most common cancer in the world, affecting more people than prostate, breast and even colon cancer combined? Shocking, isn’t it? There are many causes that might lead to someone developing lung cancer but smoking, contrary to popular belief is only one of those…

World Hepatitis Day

A to E of Hepatitis

By Nutritionist Neha | July 28, 2018

The need to spread awareness about Hepatitis in this day and age has become one of necessity for sure. So, this year, on World Hepatitis Day, let us have a look at the various aspects of this, from how it can be prevented to how it can be treated, everything you want to know about this disease is right here! Have a…


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