Lactating Mothers

What a mother eats all along her pregnancy and during lactation is very important as it clearly affects the child’s health. Consume adequate nutrients through a variety of foods and make her diet interesting as well as healthy during both the situations i.e. pregnancy and lactation. 

The diet taken by the mother helps to keep the baby’s well-being to an optimum level along with boosting immunity.

During the first 6 months post the delivery of her child, a mother needs to breastfeed her baby to ensure that her baby grows up into a healthy and happy individual. During these 6 months, the baby is completely dependent on his/her mother to gain all the nutrients he/she needs to survive.

It is of the utmost importance, that during this time, the mother eats a healthy and fulfilling diet, as whatever she has in her diet, determines the amount of vitamins, proteins, nutrients and energy present in the milk that she feeds her baby.

Some nutrients, like Vitamin C and zinc in particular, are nutrients that a mother needs since they specifically help with the healing of wounds. Since a mother now needs to fulfil her baby’s and her own nutritional needs, it is of the utmost importance, that she indulge herself in a healthy diet that is full of the nutrients that she and her baby require so crucially.

There are a few nutrients in particular that a mother requires without a second thought during the time of breastfeeding:

So gift yourself with a customized diet plan by the expert team of the Fit Foodies Mantra so as to keep mother and the young baby upbeat.


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