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Our health tips and advices correlate with scientific nutritional values.

Eating the right food in right portions along with a regular workout is the key to good health. Having said that, it is also important that you take the advice from someone you trust. We, at Fit Foodies Mantra guide you through every step on the road to well being with services like weight loss, weight gain, weight management, muscle building, skin improvement, pre wedding diet, diabetes management, cholesterol management, plans for lactating mothers, fit after forty etc. We know that you would like to call or WhatsApp us and take a pledge of improved health and lifestyle.

Normal Plans

  • Normal Weight Loss

    We are all very well verse with the term ‘survival of the fittest’ thus weight comes as a burden not in one but in many ways. Time and again there are situations when an extra weight leads to an inability to perform well. It is the time to bid adieu to all your inhibitions and welcome aboard the good life. Take our specially designed plans and see the magic as all the extra fat will vanish and see your body bounces back in a good shape.

  • Normal Weight Gain

    Having a lean body is one of the most desirable trait, and why not? It makes you look great and feel amazing. Whereas having weight less than optimum is a concern and one should never overlook the same, rather leave all the worries to us. Give a call to Fit Foodies Mantra, let us know your fitness goal and we will build a customized weight gain plan just for you.

  • Normal Weight Management

    Keeping your weight in check is equally important as losing or gaining it. Eating right food at the right time and maintaining a healthy routine is the first step in this direction. To manage the weight with customized plans from Fit Foodies Mantra, trust us, is a child’s play. We walk hand in hand with you throughout your journey to give you an experience of a lifetime. Call FFM and transform at the right pace.

  • Maintaining Energy Level

    If you feel tired and lethargic in the early hours of the day, if you are unable to put forward your best while working and like to have some rest before your next task.  Well you need to have healthy diet plan along with specific exercise to keep your energy up.  Talk to us and we would love to help you in getting rid of tiredness and never feel exhausted ever again with our customized diet plan.

  • Detoxification

    The process of removing harmful substances from your body is known as detoxification.  The meaning of detoxification itself explains why it is an important and should be an unavoidable process. Under this program, we make sure that you are given the right advice and a plan to get rid of all that is unwanted in your body. Detoxification not only makes you feel energized, but also revitalizes to give you flawless skin and a spirited look.

Special Plans

  • Special shredding plan

    Trust that you all will agree with us that losing extra fat can be a pain without proper guidance. Done with all the crash dieting and still no results? Expert advice from FFM can help you fire up the process and shred faster. Eat healthy, do exercise as prescribed and we assure you to get a toned body within no time; let the world stare in awe.

  • Ketogenic plan

    It is a special low carb plan that converts your body into a fat burning machine. Low carb will help you bring your body into ketosis and once it happens, fat will act as fuel for body and produce energy. This will not only burn calories at higher rate but can also help to reverse medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, PCOD, thyroid etc. Many of our clients love to call it the “Yummy plan” because of liberty to consume all goof fat like cheese, butter and ghee.

  • Low Carb Plan

    What are the benefits of a low carb diet? Let us explain the wonderful benefits of low carb diet.  It aids the metabolism, helps in cholesterol management, has therapeutic effects for the brain, maintains blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well promotes weight loss. So we can conclude that it is a gem of diet plans. Ask FFM expert to enroll you for low carb diet plan and watch your body heal with its benefits.

  • Muscle Building

    Tired of hearing, people call you thin and skinny? With muscle gain program from FFM, all this will be history in no time. An effective way to add muscle weight to your body, it consists of a diet plan and an exercise regime. Witness your muscles grow big and strong as you go through the process. Leave all your worries behind and take the leap of faith with us.

  • Skin Improvement

    Do you know that your skin has small pores and it breathes along? With the skin improvement plan at Fit Foodies Mantra, we pamper your skin with all the love it deserves. Do not worry, we will not tell you to have only soups and salads instead, we will give you a plan which will boost your metabolism and easy to follow. Your skin will glow in no time, only with FFM.

  • Pre-wedding diet for body shaping/skin glowing

    Looking perfect on the most important day of your life is on everyone’s priority list. We help you to achieve your dream figure and flawless skin just for the right occasion, we’ll wave the magic wind to make you look perfect. To achieve this, follow the diet plan in addition to an exercise plan specifically customized for you and witness jaw dropping appreciation on the special day.

Therapeutic Plans / Plans related to improve medical conditions

  • Diabetes Management

    Diabetes is one of the most widespread health problems faced by many people irrespective of their age. Improving the carbohydrate metabolism condition needs utmost attention and is possible only with an expert guidance. The skilled team of nutritionist and dieticians at Fit Foodies Mantra can surely help you to improve your medical condition concerning all types of diabetes and we become your pathfinders to the journey of a better life.

  • Cholesterol Management

    Most people are unaware of the fact that there are two types of cholesterols namely good and bad. It is the bad cholesterol that poses a risk of major problems including heart diseases and obesity etc. Busy work schedules and unhealthy snacking habits lead many people to a point where they have accepted diseases as a part of their lives. Say no to being unhealthy and rejuvenate yourself with the cholesterol management program by Fit Foodies Mantra and they would love to be your partners.

  • Immunity Booster

    Catching cold too often? Down with fever almost every month? It is high time for you to pay attention to boost your immunity. Increasing pollution levels along with unhealthy eating habits in various metropolitan consequentially lead many of us to face health issues because of low immunity. With the FFM immunity booster services, we plan your day by including food and exercise that helps your body to stay strong and keep away from diseases.

  • Fit After Forty

    Crossing your late thirties and entering the forties brings a major change in the metabolism of your body, therefore, changes in your diet and fitness regime are a mandate. With the Fit After Forty program at Fit Foodies Mantra, we help you to step up your game and get fit, healthy and be happy. Get straight and to the point suggestions from FFM that will uplift your physical and mental health making you feel alive and refresh.

  • Lactating Mothers

    What mother eats all along her pregnancy and during lactation is very important as it clearly affects the child’s health. Consume adequate nutrients through a variety of foods and make her diet interesting as well as healthy during both the situations i.e. pregnancy and lactation.  The diet taken by the mother helps to keep the baby’s well-being to an optimum level along with boosting immunity. So gift yourself with a customized diet plan by the expert team of the Fit Foodies Mantra so as to keep mother and the young baby upbeat.


    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a condition in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance and can lead to problems with periods, also making it difficult to get pregnant. This condition can lead to growth of small cysts on ovaries & poses serious health risks including diabetes and heart diseases. Treat your PCOS condition right, ask FFM how, and bless yourself with a long and healthy life.

Nutrition Plan for Weight Loss

We provide a detailed nutrition plan based on the personal attributes i.e height, weight, age, blood group, medical history, lifestyle and workout schedule etc. so that you can derive maximum benefit out of your efforts. We do not believe in prescribing supplements or exotic diets that prove to be a burden on your wallet and affect your health due to side effects. As well, we do not recommend to discontinue your medicines, if you are taking any, without consulting your physician. Our plans are based on day-to-day edibles as vegetables, grains, milk and various sources of protein, depending upon your eating habits i.e you being vegetarian, eggetarian or non-vegetarian.

We provide diet plans on a weekly basis, keeping in mind that one may need certain meal offs and/or substitutes. We also follow up with you on a day to day basis so to make sure that you should not face any inconvenience while following the given diet plan.



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