Fit After Forty

Crossing your late thirties and entering the forties brings a major change in the metabolism of your body, therefore, changes in your diet and fitness regime are a mandate.

We might say that age is but a number, but when it comes to your health, age makes a LOT of difference. What you need to know is that the older you get, the more prone to diseases you become because your immune system gets weaker.

Apart from this, you also start losing energy. A 30 year old will not be as energetic as a 20 year old or a 25year old will not be as active and outgoing as a 16 year old. This might not be the case with everyone, but it is true a majority of times.

40 year olds too are more susceptible to catching diseases than a 30 year old, and as a result of this a 40 year old’s diet and workout routine needs to change accordingly.

There are plenty of reasons people over forty need to take extra care when it comes to their health.

And these are only a few issues that people over their 40s face. However, there is a simple solution to all of these problems; the right diet and a proper exercise routine.

With the Fit After Forty program at Fit Foodies Mantra, we help you to step up your game and get fit, healthy and be happy. Get straight and to the point suggestions from FFM that will uplift your physical and mental health making you feel alive and refresh.


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