Ketogenic plan

It is a special low carb plan that converts your body into a fat burning machine. Low carb will help you bring your body into ketosis and once it happens, fat will act as fuel for body and produce energy. This will not only burn calories at higher rate but can also help to reverse medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, PCOD, thyroid etc.

Apart from the low carbohydrate content high fat content, the Ketogenic diet also consists of moderate amounts of protein. The sole aim of the diet is to make sure that your body enters a state known as ketosis.

So what exactly is ketosis you ask? Well, let’s see:

Ketosis is basically a state in your body wherein your body runs out of the blood sugar stores in the body. AS a result of this, the body is in search of another food and energy source. When this is happening, the liver now starts to use up the stored fat in your body to produce energy, and this fat, instead of sugar, becomes a fuel for your body. 

Though there might be quite controversial opinions on the Ketogenic Diet, one cannot deny that the diet, when analysed properly, is bound to have some amazing health benefits for people who decide to follow it diligently.

A few of these might include:

Many of our clients love to call it the “Yummy plan” because of the liberty they have to consume all good fats like cheese, butter and ghee.


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