Normal Weight Gain

Having a lean body is a good thing, isn’t it? Ofcourse, It makes you look great and feel amazing. But we also have to realize that having weight that is less than optimum is a concern and one that should not be overlooked in the least!

But we are here to help you out with this predicament too! Gaining weight is an easy process as compared to losing weight for sure, but gaining weight the right way is what is more important!

Like being overweight is not a healthy option for people, the same can be said about being underweight also. Did you know that you will be considered underweight if you BMI i.e. body mass index is below 18.5?

Like the consequences that come with being overweight and obese, consequences also arise for someone who is underweight. Men in particular are more susceptible to problems rising out of being underweight.

Being underweight compromises your immune system and, as a result, leads to a number of problems. Apart from increasing your risk towards contracting infections, being underweight can also lead to a person developing osteoporosis and fractures too. Other than this, being underweight can also cause memory issues making a person more prone to develop dementia and the likes.

There also might be a number of reasons due to which might be underweight. From issues and problems like suffering from an eating disorder and having hyperthyroidism, to having diabetes and even certain infections like tuberculosis or even HIV, being underweight is also a disease in itself that can have a toll on your health in the long run. You might think that by eating a lot you will end up gaining weight, maybe so, but that does not ensure that you will remain healthy post that binge eating weight-gain of yours! So rather than thinking this way, leaves all the worrying to us. Give a call to Fit Foodies Mantra, let us know your fitness goal and we will build a customized weight gain plan just for you to make sure that not only do you gain the right amount of weight, but you also do it in a healthier and more effective manner!


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