Not having been your quintessential chubby kid, Rahul was quite skinny even at the age of 12. But from there one began his struggle with fitness. By the time he was 17, Rahul weighed close to 96 kgs. But in the years that preceded his exit from school life, he was bullied for being over-weight! That is when he decided to turn his life around because he had no intentions of entering college just to be body-shamed again!

After he was done with schooling he decided to hit a gym and start dieting. He did it in such an enthusiastic manner, that he ended up losing 12 kgs in the first month itself! So with the newfound fit body he decided to leave gymming and dieting since he had reached his weight goals sooner than he thought possible! But as maintaining something is more difficult after having achieved it, he noticed that he had started to gain all the weight he had lost back without following a proper fitness routine and diet.

With the running around the college life subjects every one of us to, Rahul started to notice that not only was he gaining weight, he had also started to get tired and lethargic very quickly. He vowed to himself, then and there, that post his fourth year in college, he would start working out for himself, and not because he was afraid of being bullied of made fun of!

What he also realized in this process is that, only a particular workout routine could not guarantee a healthy and fit body and mind, and that the right kind of food made all the difference. That is when he decided to establish Fit Foodies Mantra in the year 2014.

Rahul has pursued a four year degree in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from the Banarsidass Chandiwala Institute of HM&CT, the only college under IPGGS University, Rahul worked with prestigious organizations like The Chefs United Pvt. Ltd. and Ketchupp Pvt. Ltd. He now looks after the growth and marketing aspects of the firm.

A fitness freak himself, he loves to spend time working out whilst also helping to curate fitness plans with the help of the team. A multi-tasker who is always willing to learn new things, Rahul makes for a great team leader!


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