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Health & Fitness Experts in Delhi NCR - Fit Foodies Mantra
Fit Foodies Mantra is a leading nutrition and fitness clinic run by nutritionist Neha Makkar, and Rahul Makkar.

Our aim is to provide personalised health and fitness solutions to our clients that help them build and sustain an active lifestyle.

We firmly endorse that being at the top of the health game is not about eating boiled food, hitting the gym, and taking supplements – our mantra of healthy living is about cultivating a lifestyle based on balanced diet and exercise.

Our approach to nutrition is based on the latest in nutrition research and our nutritionists and fitness experts work around the clock to provide diet plans that cater to every client’s specific body type, blood group, structure, and strength; their dietary habits, intake capacity, and taste palette, as well as individual lifestyle and social nature.

Though we are based in Delhi, we offer online consultations to our client base that is spread across multiple cities.

Meet Our Team


Armed with a degree in Nutrition (DNHE from IGNOU), Neha set up Fit Foodies Mantra in 2014 with the aim of addressing a common problem people often came to her with – to be fit, eat well and live long. She has put together a team of the best dieticians and nutrition consultants to give her clients the best of nutrition advice.

To know more, visit her page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fitfoodiesmantra/


With a four year degree in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from the Banarsidass Chandiwala Institute of HM&CT, the only college under IP&GGS University, Rahul worked with prestigious organizations like The Chefs United Pvt. Ltd. and Ketchupp Pvt. Ltd. He later joined Fit Foodies Mantra in 2016 where he looks after the growth and marketing aspects of the firm. A fitness freak himself, he believes that the proof of taste is in the pudding.

How we go about our work

Step 1

Pick up the phone and call us so our dieticians and fitness experts can assist you with health plans customised to your needs. You could reach us on WhatsApp as well. We offer Online Consultations as well.

Step 2

Talk to us about your fitness goal and send us your details entailing your daily dietary habits, exercise routine, social lifestyle, medical conditions, if any (including allergies, medications, surgeries, etc). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Step 3

On the basis of your fitness goal, we will help you create your own personal fitness mantras that will include a customized nutritious balanced diet plan (including a cheat meal), and tips on how to create healthy food from items that you can get from any grocery store.

Please Note: We do not prescribe any medicines or supplements and our plans are tailored around your regular diet based on your eating habits (vegetarian, eggitarian, or non-vegetarian). If you are taking any medicines do not discontinue it without consulting your Physician.

Make an Appointment

We make it a priority to offer flexible appointments to accommodate your needs.


Neha +91 95606 15782
Rahul +91 95990 18682
Calling facility: 08.00-20.00 hrs
WhatsApp availability: 08.00-21.00 hrs


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