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Fit Foodies Mantra is an online consultation and fitness clinic run by Certified Nutritionist Neha Makkar and Fitness Enthusiast and Consultant Rahul Makkar.

The main focus of our fitness experts stems from the thought of offering solutions to clients leading them to their health goals. We offer carefully researched health and fitness consultation, customized to a client’s specific needs that in the long run, help them lead a healthier, fitter and happier lifestyle.

Currently, the Fit Foodies Mantra community offers consultation online to members across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Our team of fitness experts, dieticians and nutritionists work around the clock to cater to our clients’ specific needs that include but are not restricted to body type, blood group, strength, dietary preference and habit, intake capacity and palette.

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Meet Our Team


Armed with a degree in Nutrition (DNHE from IGNOU), Neha set up Fit Foodies Mantra in 2014 with the aim of addressing a common problem people often came to her with – to be fit, eat well and ...read more


With a four year degree in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from the Banarsidass Chandiwala Institute of HM&CT, the only college under IPGGS University, Rahul worked with prestigious ...read more

How we go about our work

Step 1

Pick up the phone and call us so our dieticians and fitness experts can assist you with health plans customised to your needs. You could reach us on WhatsApp as well. We offer Online Consultations as well.

Step 2

Talk to us about your fitness goal and send us your details entailing your daily dietary habits, exercise routine, social lifestyle, medical conditions, if any (including allergies, medications, surgeries, etc). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Step 3

On the basis of your fitness goal, we will help you create your own personal fitness mantras that will include a customized nutritious balanced diet plan (including a cheat meal), and tips on how to create healthy food from items that you can get from any grocery store.

To Know More

Please Note: We do not prescribe any medicines or supplements and our plans are tailored around your regular diet based on your eating habits (vegetarian, eggitarian, or non-vegetarian). If you are taking any medicines do not discontinue it without consulting your Physician.

Health Programs / Services

Our health tips and advices correlate with scientific nutritional values.

Eating the right food in right portions along with a regular workout is the key to good health. Having said that, it is also important that you take the advice from someone you trust. We, at Fit Foodies Mantra guide you through every step on the road to well being with services like weight loss, weight gain, weight management, muscle building, skin improvement, pre wedding diet, diabetes management, cholesterol management, plans for lactating mothers, fit after forty etc. We know that you would like to call or WhatsApp us and take a pledge of improved health and lifestyle.

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Normal Plans

1 Month – INR 2999/-

2 Months- INR 5299/-

3 Months- INR 7699/-

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Special Plans

1 Month – INR 4199/-

2 Months- INR 7699/-

3 Months- INR 11199/-

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Therapeutic Plans

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3 Months- INR 11199/-

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My diet program under the guidance of Ms Neha was not only fruitful but had a lot of care and personal dedication from her end. I lost 10 kg in 2 months, but I was a very disciplined student. If you are sincere, she can produce results. Thanks Neha

Shankar Srivastava

From 85 KGs to 76 KGs. Whoa !!! Its a lifetime experience to feel the lightness of body which gives you physical fitness along with mental piece. Neha is a magician at work I must say. Though a little tough to fall in line with the suggested diet plan but Neha kept me interested in what I say “eating more variety of relevant food and loosing more of extra fat”. Thanks Neha for giving me what I did not need anymore “the extra kilos of FAT”

Sunny Arora

I really thank Neha and Rahul for an amazing one month journey  for a first timer like me on a diet plan, I was very excited and it was beautifully handled by you both specially after all the medicines and weakness I have been through, I feel more strengthened and energetic! Thanks a lot!

Aditi Aggarwal

It has been 5 and half months with Neha Nutritionist and felt connected instantly with her, she has been my mentor and had guided me with so many little as well as big food related issues she is a gem of a person and her work ethics and results are just wonderful. I am so happy I got in touch with her as it is really meaningful and effective. Thanks Neha, I feel our relationship of healthy eating and bond of friendship will go long way and I would try my best to refer your name to as many people around as you are the best.

Vidhi Ahluwalia

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